You may be looking for answers to questions. Sometimes the answers can be satisfied through a simple set of Google searches. Others are necessarily going to take more time and effort to resolve. When it’s time to reach out, you will have many options. One approach is to work with another person through focused conversation. This process can be both pleasant and productive.


At times, you may need overarching strategies to coordinate a complex set of variables, for this, Coaching is the right approach. Example, a business leader is juggling demands on time, energy and health while simultaneously caring for a growing family. With a very tight schedule, there may be little or no flexibility to accommodate new challenges. Yet spouses, friends, children, staff, share holders, new investors all need a piece of you. Can you really limp into their office and ask for help? Who do you consult with for objective opinions on these matters? Coaching can see the broad context of your life and help you reorganize the pieces to maximize your productivity.

Byron as Coach

  • Through coaching we build motivation, collect resources and refine goals.
  • We provide support, oversite, accountability, process, strategy and that all important strong, loving push.
  • For coaching, specific skill and experience is essential.
  • We have completed extensive trainers training with Anthony Robbins and Tad James. We then applied those techniques in real life situations. We refined them and developed our own approaches that are far more effective for one on one coaching relationships.
  • Our personal experience comes from inspired and intentional efforts in business, family, and community development.
  • We specialize in entrepreneurial leadership development while living life in the manifesting zone.


Sometimes specific knowledge is required to work through a problem that others have previously resolved and for this Counselling is a great option. Through counselling we can direct you towards known solutions that work in similar circumstances. Sometimes the solutions are process related and other times, they are more data related. How to reduce stress before a job interview. How to improve creativity. How to manage time better. How to deal with conflict. How to build trust. Etc. Counselling can help to isolate the main issue and offer resources to solve the problem.

Byron as Therapeutic Counsellor

  • As a Therapeutic Counsellor we provide specific information and guidance on an expanding range of topics.
  • We have extensive experience in general counselling for: career, academic, relationship, health, fitness, transition, grieving and loss, spiritual inquiry, sports psychology, leadership, team building, non-profit and for profit enterprise development.
  • We are registered with the Association for Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada. This is a professional designation that is recognized by most private insurance companies in Canada.
  • Trained as a SMART Recovery facilitator specializing in addiction counselling.
  • Trained in Motivational Interviewing.
  • Practicing: Mindfulness, Energy work (Qi Gong, Reiki), Esoteric Science, Law of Attraction.


Ultimately, we find ourselves simply up against a barrier that prevents us from moving forward. In these situations, elegant therapies are necessary to unlock focused creativity. For whatever reason, we eventually discover some repressed fear, phobia, trauma or addiction and no matter how persistent we are at mindfulness, we just can’t shake those limiting beliefs. We are suffering and no amount of determined self-talk is going to work. The most efficient way to resolve these issues is by working with a therapist. Gentle, skilled application of techniques will help release you from these problems.

Byron as Hypnotherapist

  • Hypnotherapy provides a gentle, effective mechanism for deep incite, trauma resolution and focused creativity.
  • Hypnotherapy is also an effective way to manage pain, overcome addictions or reboot your creative genius.
  • We received specialized training in advanced hypnotherapy with Sheldon Bilsker, Stephen Gilligan, and Mike Mandel – all three are recognized leaders in the international hypnosis community.
  • A Master Practitioner with advanced training in Neuro Linguistic Programming with Tad James.
  • Trained in Time Line Therapy by Tad James
  • Advanced Past Life Regression Therapy with Diane Auld.